Anu Malhotra

Founder, Blogger-in-chief

After gaining ten years of (quality) experience in writing and editing online content for entertainment and lifestyle domains, and having tried my hands at blogging a couple of times that never really ended up in long-term endeavors, I finally believe that now is the time. The thought didn’t happen overnight. It had, in fact, been in my mind for a long, long time. That explains my previous attempts at blogging. I failed there because the drive was missing.

But that push is working its magic in full swing this time around. And it feels to be natural and effortless. Each day begins with a lot of excitement. And I strive to keep this zeal intact for eternity now.

Power Closet, as the name suggests, is all about fashion, style, beauty, lifestyle, and more! This ‘closet’ is dedicated to give you some serious as well as fun fashion, in-vogue scoops.

Want to know what your favorite stars wore during their recent outings? Care for some DIY tutorials? Always on the lookout for some amazing fashion and beauty fixes? Power Closet is your ultimate destination for it all, and a lot, lot more!

Happy reading, commenting, liking, tweeting, and sharing!

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