Story Of The Lehenga I Wore To My Sister’s Wedding

So the story behind this gorgeous lehenga began eight years ago. It was a saree then that my mom bought for me just before my wedding, in 2010. I wore it only once, as a newlywed, and then it kept lying in a corner in my cupboard.

Not that I disliked it; in fact it’s my most favourite shade of blue, but I’ve never really been a saree lover.

It was only before my sister’s wedding, planned for 2019, that I thought of revisiting this pretty saree in my closet and an idea struck me – to redesign it into a lehenga. And then there was no looking back!

But as they say, good things test your patience. It was my turn. Instead of playing it safe and banking on my ever-trusted tailor for the stylish creativity on my saree, I fell for an almost deluxe-looking and lavishness-oozing boutique that instantly gave an impression that it understood the fashion trends like a pro. Plus, it was just a stone’s throw away from my house, unlike my ever-trusted tailor who stays a good 30 kilometres away. I thought I was making a wise move.

I thought!

The spiffy boutique I trusted for the revamp screwed up the ensemble to the extent that it almost devastated me. From the miserable fitting of the blouse and its neck design that looked nothing like I wanted to the shape of the lehenga and its shoddy border that the boutique lady chose without even asking my opinion – everything broke my heart!

After a lot of crying and cribbing, I got my act together and took the ‘injured’ lehenga to my ever-trusted tailor to avoid further damage. I also quickly went to the market with my sisters and got complementing borders and laces to beautify the lehenga.

Two days later and just a night before the wedding, my lehenga looked even prettier than I had imagined it to be. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Lesson Learnt — Never, ever, EVER trust a boutique based on how fancy it looks from the outside, especially with an important and expensive fabric.

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