My Dreamy Maternity Photoshoot

Note: The photoshoot is five years old now πŸ˜‰

Flashback to early November 2013, just a few days before I met my bundle of joy. To begin with, well, there was not really any struggle for me to conceive. Our well-planned efforts were paid off soon after we decided to extend our family. But our entire journey into parenthood, yup every single day of it, has been so close to my heart that I live it in my head every so often. Yes, I totally loved the feeling and excitement of being a mother soon, desperately waiting for the impending arrival of my baby on this side of the world.

Truth be told, I had the hugest baby bump I’ve ever seen on any other to-be mommy! And it only grew bigger by the day, scaring me that it might burst any moment, owing to some internal pressure. But thank God for his balancing skills, my tiny frame too had underdone a makeover, making me as much as 20 kilos heavier by the ninth month. Else, I wonder how I would have been able to carry that big bump!

I so distinctly remember everything that made my pregnancy oh-so special and unforgettable. Right from the HPT kit giving us the good news, to meeting my baby’s first physical existence on the screen in hospital, to listening to his first heart beats, to feeling those sweet, little kicks he gave me every 20 minutes – I have lived and celebrated each moment with absolute ecstacy.

Nine months is a long time. And like any other expectant parents, we also got impatient, especially towards the last few weeks before the due date. But as I first took my son in my hands and he looked at me with his pretty eyes, touched my face with his soft, little hands and gave me an unsaid promise of being mine forever – trust me, I forgot the pain of every needle poked into me or those excruciating medical tests. In that moment, I realized my angel was truly worth the wait. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to express my emotions in words as articulately as my heart knows. And I’m happy to keep it private.

But what I can show you all from that joyful and gratitude-filled period are some of the best memories captured. To make the matters all the more special and awww-some, my husband became the official photographer of this entire maternity photoshoot. Cute, no? Told you!

Here are some amazing clicks from the maternity shoot and some after the delivery — each picture telling a beautiful story.

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