My Skincare Routine Just Before I Hit The Bed At Night

Hello hello!! I know it’s been really long, but couldn’t help it, guys. I was immensely and abundantly packed with so much that this poor blog was left with no other option but to wait for me to find some time for it. Which I finally managed!

So people, this blog post on my night-time skincare regime must be taking a sigh of relief now that it’ll be all over the page. Okay, how do I let my skin sleep the healthiest way so it wakes up all fresh, hydrated and dewy? Hmmm… well, the process to keep flakiness and itchiness away involves a 6-step routine that I follow almost every night, of course, barring those when I’m too sleepy and, thus too lazy, to care about my skin more than my mind and body’s call to rest. Truth be told, we all skip even the most important of things once in a while, and trust me, it’s not only normal but harmless also. Anyway, coming back to my skincare regime before I fall asleep, a lot of it remains the same as my morning skincare routine, except I skip the serum and SPF at night. Here it is, step by step…

Step 1
Cleansing: After rinsing my face with warm water, I use Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water that leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and healthy. The refreshing formula is non-sticky and without perfume. The best part about it? It doesn’t require rubbing to get rid of impurities and I need not even rinse it. Yay!! There’s more — it’s a great makeup remover too!

Step 2
Exfoliation: Please remember, this step isn’t for every night. I exfoliate my skin once or twice a week. I completely trust Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal & Yoghurt Skin Whitening Scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells that block pores and make the skin appear dull and non-lustrous.

Step 3
Toning: Just like morning, toning is equally vital at night also, for it balances the skin’s pH levels. I use the same toner from morning – The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. The pretty bottle comes with the added advantage of protective vitamin E that is the ultimate food for dry skin, so I completely swear by this product. The mild formula is alcohol-free and easily gets absorbed into the skin. It definitely helps to improve skin texture.

Step 4
Sheet Mask: Just like exfoliation, applying sheet masks is also not required every night. Once a week is good enough. Fast turning into an obsession in the beauty space, sheet masks can be called mini-facials the key job of which is to moisturize and hydrate the skin, giving it all the brightness and radiance it needs. Also, they are a great way to fight skin damage caused by factors like pollution and ageing.

I usually apply a sheet mask after toning but can also be used on a cleansed face. I’m a huge sucker for Innisfree sheet masks available in several variants packed with the goodness of vitamin C, rose and lime. Yup, these are a little (okay, a lot) heavy on the pocket, which is why I always search for good quality ones that are dear to my wallet too. The Face Shop – The Solution mask sheets are a fab option in that case. Totally paisa vasool!

Step 5
Under Eye Cream: It’s plain disheartening to hear words like “Hey, you look so tired!” even after you’ve slept well and more so, have done your makeup just perfectly. Reason for that not-so fresh look? Yup, right – puffiness or dark circles! The delicate eye area needs special care, and nothing compares an overnight regime. I trust three products to do the magic for me, and let me run you guys through my favorites, in no particular order of preference.

A. Biotique’s Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti Fatigue Eye Gel – Loaded with natural ingredients, the formula contains seaweed and almond extracts, honey, nutmeg oil and Himalayan water. It’s rich in proteins, minerals, lipids, vitamins and few other detoxifying elements. What’s more, it’s totally budget-friendly!

B. Lotus Herbals’ Nutraeye Rejuvenating And Correcting Eye Gel – Thanks to its proven rejuvenating priorities, this is a super formula that does its best to reduce under-eye dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.

C. The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream from Innisfree – My most favourite of all! Yes, quite expensive but the fragrance-free light formula is worth every penny. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and amino acids, it moisturizes and nourishes under-eye skin the most remarkable way.

Step 6
Moisturizing: Is moisturizing really called for at night? Hell, yes! It is while we are asleep that our cells go all out to help repair the damage incurred during the day (pollution, UV radiations, etc). So it becomes our responsibility to fulfill that commitment we made to our skin – to take care of it the right way. Being a Body Shop lover, I find immense satisfaction in The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream to do the desired. Enriched with vitamin E, this wonder cream keeps those skin-loving ingredients locked in, allowing me to wake up with a healthier glow after a good night’s rest.

So guys, that was my night-time skincare regimen and it really works for me. I have certainly noticed a difference with the regular practice. Would be glad to read up what you do at night to keep your skin look and feel flawless during the day. Do share in the comments below.

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