Denim On Denim In A Jiffy

Hello you all!!

Okay, answer one question before I begin to talk about my today’s blog topic. Are you a denim lover? I believe most of you nodded a yes, because well, denim was, still is, and plans to remain a rage ALWAYS!

I’m also crazy about this piece of fabric – be it the jeans, the shirt, the tee, the jacket, the skirt, the dungarees, et al. And I love to add some interesting spin to it every now and then. Denim on denim is one such trend that’s growing on me these days pretty too much. Though I’m yet to experiment a lot more with this particular style, I totally loved how I owned it to the T recently.

So guys, in this blog, I’m going to share with you all how I put together a denim on denim look, and guess what, in a jiffy! Yup, all I had were just 10 minutes – yes, exactly and only that much time – to get ready, and oh boy, how proud I made myself at the end of the whole quick drama!

I took out a blue spaghetti top from my closet and threw over it a denim shirt, buttoning only the last few buttons. I was in a mood to go the same-shade-of-blue way, yet wanted to keep it a little more stylish, and obviously, didn’t want to look boring by any means. But I was literally racing against the time and couldn’t quite think of a complementing bottom that would also satisfy my mind. But there it was – my distressed denims somehow read my mind and winked at me from the left corner of my closet. And I knew I got what I wanted!!

Yo! That was precisely my state of mind at that point in time – cool, casual and chic!! I couldn’t have asked for more.

The final touches were left. No doubt, the all-blue look turned out to be a complement in itself, but I needed to quickly make some subtle highlights to take the cool factor to the whole new level. Well, what’s better than a pop of bright color in that case! My new found fascination for silk-threaded, shoulder-dusting tassel earrings came handy then. A pair of mustard yellow tassels turned the best choice, and I quickly passed its metal hooks through the holes on my earlobes. I loved my look all the more in the quick glimpse into the mirror.

A magenta lippy, a dash of kajal and eyeliner (on days when I’m in a hurry, I give a skip to the liquid eyeliner as it needs more attention and detailing; I’m an expert at giving an equally clean eyeliner look with my kajal pencil and I save that expertise for situations like these), and a little blush on found their way on my face in less than three minutes. My understated beige loafers rounded off my look with finesse.

I was ready to slay, and slay I did!!

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