Debunking Accessorizing Myths

Hello beautiful girls and women!!

Are you wary of following some fashion traditions but get nervous about being experimental at the same time? If yes, stop right there because well, if you don’t give wings to your imagination, how would you fly as high as you want and see how diverse yet gorgeous the world is? So babes, go on… be bold, try it all out and look your stylish best!

On that note, I thought it’s time I should break the rules and bust some most common fashion accessorizing myths. So, here it goes…

Myth: Silver and gold jewelry should never go together

That’s nothing but a misconception. The rule of mixing the two is no more in vogue. In fact, when worn right, silver and gold make quite a sensational combination. Of course, you must understand the thin line between going over-the-top with the two metals together and mixing them subtly. A pair of earrings – one silver, the other gold – would look fabulous if the contrast is kept mild and isn’t loud enough to pull one’s attention for wrong reasons.


Image Source


Image Source

Myth: Fashion accessories and real gold can’t complement each other

Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry, basically serves the purpose of complementing a fashionable outfit. But this absolutely doesn’t mean that you can’t mix it with your real gold pieces. Fact is, you are allowed to pair up your sleek gold necklace with a chic pair of fashion earrings, given that the duo merge together well in terms of design, and look like telling a story together.


Myth: Small faces aren’t meant for long earrings

One of the weirdest myths I’ve heard! Get this right, girls – accessorizing has got nothing to do with the shape or size of your face or body. So all you petite beauties out there, don’t be hesitant about sporting those big and bold earrings lying in your vanity boxes. It’s time to take them out, flaunt them and show the world that you can own this game too!



Myth: Always match your jewelry

Let’s face it – matching may be harmless or a safer bet, but it is quite boring! In fact, ‘not matching’ has become quite a rage these days. You can, for example, opt for a long and heavy pair of earrings and give its matching necklace a miss, and yet turn heads and drop jaws. Or a huge cocktail ring wouldn’t need a bracelet or bangles to let your fashion sense speak loud enough for all to sit up and take notice.


Image Source

With all those myths broken for good, be the kind of fashionista you always wanted to be, never stop yourself from going out of the box and express yourself through everything you say, do or wear. And know that it takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone and do things uniquely.

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