Top 3 Reasons That Make Mahira Khan’s Latest Outing An Eyesore

As she attended the Beirut International Awards Festival recently, Mahira Khan, who usually turns heads with her spectacular style statements, left a sour taste in the mouth. I give you three clear reasons for the same –

1) That dress: Mahira’s biggest faux pas of the day! The Nicolas Jebran gown began scintillatingly… but only till the bust area. The balloony bump looked totally unflattering. Add to that, the middle slit that made the dress look all the more awkward. Though she modified the gown by covering the thigh-high slit that was originally open, even the model looked weird with that. Check for yourself.



2) That face: No matter how subtly I want to put it, all I still end up with is this – Mahira’s makeup was so tacky it made her face look roasted. Looks like an amateur tried his/her hands at it. Bad job, there!


3) That hair: Nothing wrong with Mahira’s hair in particular. Only had she pulled her hair back in a messy bun, it would have given a more sensational look to the glam neckline.


Only good thing about Mahira’s appearance were her pretty diamond earrings from Zoughaib & Co.


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