Priyanka Chopra’s Giorgio Armani Dress For Paris Couture Week Wasn’t The Best Thing She Chose For The Day


Priyanka Chopra picked a Giorgio Armani dress to make her presence felt at the ongoing Paris Couture Week 2017. At first, I was a bit taken aback by what she wore to such a magnificent event; it felt too mediocre to me.


The white high-low hem dress, with high neck and full sleeves, looked good on her, no doubt about that. But there wasn’t anything great about that either.


Her attitude was on point, but she chose the wrong number to match the grand occasion.


So far as Priyanka’s makeup and hair were concerned, she sure impressed with the bronzed touches on her face, sparkling eyes, coral lips and a pulled back bun. She completed her look with black brogue-like heels.


While we are on it, let me also show you Miss Chopra’s airport look that she pulled off like a pro before she arrived for the big event.


This athleisure-inspired tracksuit looked really cool on the siren, and she ensured she carried just the right attitude to own it with absolute finesse.

What do you think of the actress’s two looks? Your favourite?



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