To Style..

What is fashion? Is it about following the trends? Or is it all about good taste? Everyone has their own understanding and definitions of fashion. So do I. Well, for me, fashion is not just about clothing; it is an expression, a reflection of who I am. What I feel at this moment becomes my fashion for the day. It could be upbeat or dull, flashy or low-key, super stylish or the oldest dress in my wardrobe, or oh-so bold. I believe, fashion is ever evolving. And I love evolving with the times. My fashion follows suit.

Earlier I used to feel, what the models wore on the runway were the best things to flaunt your stylish and fashionable side. But as I matured and developed my own taste, I realized that those fashion shows are often a little exaggerated and the looks on the ramp are somewhat extravagant, something that we can’t really follow in our lives with as much ease as those models. Then, came a stage when I began understanding the core idea of fashion. It’s not what others are wearing. It’s all about your comfort. At times, it’s just a pair of blue denims with a crisp white shirt that make me feel abundantly happy about my looks. Fashion is not about imitation. It is about inspiration. Exactly as you can get inspired by how someone dresses up, your style too can inspire many.


How I want to live my life, walking on the streets, looking up in the sky ā€“ is all fashion for me. Like a rainy day can tempt me to wear my little floral dress and enjoy the showers, I’m the happiest slipped into my golden sequined gown while having a whale of a time with my friends at a party. It’s all about my state of mind. How I’m feeling today. Sometimes, I just want to keep the focus on my shoes, so I let the rest of my styling to rest; just a simple tee and a knee-length skirt are enough, and I’m ready to flaunt my footwear. If I’m in a mood to rock a jumpsuit someday, I would finish off my look with a pair of understated heels or wedges.


My choice of hair and makeup too play an important role in my fashion kit. Though I’m not really into bold makeup or extremely neat hairdos, I do have an urge to work some magic in those departments on some days. So smokey eyes, a red-hot lipstick and a clean yet messy bun help me round off a look that goes pretty well with my little black dress. On other occasions, and usually, just a dash of kajal, a nude lip gloss and a simple ponytail or straight open hair are my go-to choices. And by the way, I simply love slipping into my traditional numbers on some family occasions.


As I conclude this piece, all I would like to say is that fashion will not give you any pleasure until it comes from within. So beautiful girls and women, don’t just follow the trends blindly. Follow your heart, your fashion will fall in place automatically. Because fashion is about you. Create your own fashion.


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