Bombshell Is An Understatement For Priyanka Chopra On Harper’s Bazaar September 2016

Priyanka Chopra has ensured that September begins on a smoking-hot note. Take a look at her latest magazine cover and you couldn’t agree more! The sultry diva became the ultimate bombshell for this month’s Harper’s Bazaar issue. In fact, bombshell sounds like a smaller term when defining Miss Chopra’s sensational stint. She looks much, much hotter than the word could ever express.


Priyanka is clad in a short Dior dress that lets the siren’s toned legs do all the talking. That, and her wet-styled back-combed hair conclusively make the actress look all the more drool-worthy. Jewels by Nirav Modi, a Roger Dubuis watch, and sexy strapped pumps add so much glamour and sizzle to her shot. As I got my hand on one more image from the photoshoot, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all. She totally looks like a power girl here, with her posture, confidence and attitude. You go, girl!


The cover aptly calls her Most Wanted!


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