How Priyanka Chopra Made A Simple Dress Look Like A Stunning Outfit

Priyanka Chopra and her style statements! The hot babe stuns us – always! And since the time she has gone international, all we have witnessed is a newer, more refreshing, more vibrant and more dynamic avatar of the lady. Even if it’s a simple attire, the actress pulls it off with such skills that we can’t help liking, admiring and applauding her all the more.


Recently, Miss Chopra went live on the American television show, The Today Show, with Usher, and took our breath away with her brilliance and fashion sense. Though she chose a plain number for the occasion, Priyanka sure added so much style and spunk to her appearance that this simple grey figure-hugging dress looked like a gorgeous outfit in itself.


Accessorizing herself with a cool pair of shades and baby pink pumps, the sizzler certainly upped her style game.


Priyanka wore her hair short, in light waves, and stuck to minimal makeup. She looked awesome!


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