Katrina Kaif’s Latest Look Is Totally Worth Baar Baar Dekho

The leggy beauty can turn heads and drop jaws, anytime! And her latest outing is no exception. As the promotions for her upcoming film, Baar Baar Dekho, kicked off in Mumbai recently, Katrina Kaif was seen at her fun best, with hints of cuteness and hotness kept intact as ever.


The gorgeous girl wore an All Saints ensemble, comprising of a white lace tank top, a black fringe mini skirt, and a blue denim jacket. The outfit looked amazing on the actress, and she sure pulled it off with super fun and panache.

While her choice of clothes grabbed our attention, Miss Kaif played it super smart by underplaying her makeup and hair. Barely-there makeup and simple, open hair perfectly complemented her outfit. Her black velvet-ey shoes too looked fab with the whole look, giving it the best final touches.

Overall, there’s drama, prettiness, poise, and of course, sizzle (thanks to those toned endless legs).


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